Chasing News My9 NJ Interview

We had the opportunity to meet with Sibile Marcellus from Chasing News last week to discuss the dangers inherent in legalized assisted suicide.

Here are just a few…

1) Doctors have stated that it will open the doors wide open for health insurance companies to deny coverage for treatments for terminally ill patients. It’s already happening in Oregon!

2) Doctors are not perfect! Mistakes will be made and many people will kill themselves when they could have lived years, if not, a full lifetime beyond their diagnosis. Dr. Kelly Turner wrote in “Radical Remission” that for every case of “spontaneous cancer remission” documented in medical journals, thousands of these spontaneous remissions go undocumented. These are terminally ill patients sent home to die–conventional treatment had stopped working, there was no treatment available, or they chose alternative treatments instead of the standard care.

3) These laws state that doctors must put on the death certificate that the illness killed the patient, not the suicide pills! Lawyers have warned that this will open the door wide open for life insurance fraud, coercion, and murder.

4) It sends the message that some lives are not worth living. This is a horrific message to send to terminally ill patients and their caregivers. This is already a traumatic experience for them and now you’re stealing their hope and their will to fight for life.

5) Individuals with disabilities, such as members of “Second Thoughts”, are offended and terrified by these laws because they are already too familiar with discrimination and difficulties accessing quality healthcare services.

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