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Post-Op Update

After having a good day yesterday, JJ had a little more difficulty with his speech and memory last evening. The doctors have reassured us that this is normal following surgery […]

He loves his daddy.

Love From Baby James


Chloe Rose

I’m out of surgery!

JJ was up, talking, and able to walk around a little this morning. The’ve moved him out of the 4 bed neuro-observation unit into the regular neuro unit. So, he’s […]

Chloe Rose 2

Love for Chloe Rose

Throughout this journey I have been continually amazed at the level of love and support shown by friends, family, strangers & teammates in this battle vs cancer. I was humbled […]

Sensors in head

Destination: Sloan Kettering

Back in NYC. Heading to Memorial Sloan Kettering tomorrow at 9:00am.

JJ #canthurtsteel

Who has lasted the longest because I am going to destroy their record

Dear Friends, I had my follow up visit last night with the oncologist to hear the pathology report from my biopsy. I was joined by my amazing wife, both parents and […]

JJ Pre operation

My battle begins

Dear friends and family,I have difficult news to share with you. Yesterday morning, I was told by my neurosurgeon that I most likely have a cancerous brain tumor on my […]


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